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Protect your business from cyber attacks and threats. We help you secure your IT environment!

Identity & Security

Secure identity management is more important than ever

The right person should be able to do the right job with the right permissions

Tony Pålsson , Consultant, Agdiwo

Secure identity management is crucial for your company's security - let us help you!

In a time where more and more people are working remotely and the use of cloud services is increasing, it is especially important to have secure and robust identity management. We help you ensure that the right person has the right authorization to perform the right work. We focus on managing your identities and security with the user in mind. We work with tools such as Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, MFA/Conditional Access, Microsoft Information Protection, Azure AD Connect, and Microsoft Defender to strengthen your security measures and protect your business.

Create a strong Foundation for Security

Identity and Security is about managing and protecting identities, data, and IT systems to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. This includes ensuring that only the right people have access to the company’s resources and that security measures such as multi-factor authentication and authorization control are used to protect the company’s information. Identity and Security is a critical aspect of IT security and is essential for protecting an organization from cyber attacks and other threats. We can help you with what you need!


Needs analysis

We help you review your current identity and security status. Identify processes, solutions, programs used, as well as any weaknesses and deficiencies that need to be addressed



Together, we develop a strategy and the best way forward



We help you develop a security policy and configure the tools required to meet your specific requirements and needs.



We implement the necessary measures and tools to enhance the organization's identity and security infrastructure. This would include making any necessary configuration changes, updates, user training, and continuous monitoring of the system to ensure it is functioning as intended.

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We see an increased need for security thinking and Zero Trust among our customers and in the world. There are several reasons for this, read more about Zero Trust in our blog.

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