Discover how AGWOX and Steneby together are shaping the learning environments of the future through innovative IT solutions. From cloud-native technology to customized support, our partnership strengthens Steneby's leading role in art, design, and craft education.

Simple and convenient migration of files to OneDrive

Efficient and adaptable – quick migration times and higher user satisfaction through our file transfer solution, all while daily operations continue without interruption.

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The cloud transition resulted in enhanced security and expanded opportunities for growth.

With the support of Failover and Hyper-V, we assisted our client in migrating their existing applications and services to Azure, resulting in enhanced security and flexibility for expansion.

Umbrella MS

Since 2007, Umbrella MS has assisted companies from many sectors and industries with the design, implementation, and support of IT solutions. Read more about how we helped Umbrella continue to offer their customers top-tier data security.

Emergency Recovery of Exchange Server

After an unexpected system crash, we worked hand in hand with our client through a demanding period to quickly restore their email system. Continue reading to discover how we overcame this business-critical challenge.

Managing Change with Agile Methodologies

Niclas reflects on a memorable project and how Agdiwo, through methodologies and technical expertise, solved the client's challenges

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Microsoft Partner 

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