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David Christiansson, IT-Consultant Agdiwo

Get to know David

David always has a smile on his face and great energy. He is also very good at photography 📸. From a technical perspective, David has a long and broad experience in several different areas, including SCCM, and has held roles as both technician and project manager

We asked David how he is enjoying himself at Agdiwo and what he is up to at the moment.

I’m really enjoying myself. I have excellent colleagues who are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and who build an atmosphere of open communication for the exchange of ideas – then everything becomes a little more fun. There is always a positive and encouraging tone between colleagues, which testifies to a healthy culture.

“There is always an encouraging tone between colleagues, which is evidence of a healthy culture”

David Christiansson, IT Consultant Agdiwo
What kind of project are you working on right now?

I am currently working on a project where you want to start managing your clients with Microsoft Intune/Autopilot and ditch your old solution for OS Deploy and Application Deployment. As much of the old environment will still remain, there are a number of challenges with this – so it is quite a broad and stimulating assignment.

How do you feel that you are developing in your work?

I have realized that I was suddenly inspired to learn new things in a way that I had perhaps lost in the last years before I came to Agdiwo. In recent years I have learned because I have to – in my younger years, I learned mainly because it was fun. I think I’ve been brought back to a healthy balance in between as lately, I’ve regained that childish feeling that it’s fun to get a little better at something.

Get to know Therese

Therese has solid experience in project management and has, among other things, led migration projects and cloud projects.
She is a star at developing solutions where the overall picture and business benefit are in focus. On a personal level, Therese is passionate about training in all forms and is happy to share tips and tricks.

What do you do in your current project?

I am the technical project manager for a larger municipality when they are moving their email and calendar and file management to Microsoft 365. It is a challenging project as a municipality has a lot of rules and laws that mean that it is not just about migrating everything to the cloud. All data must be reviewed so that sensitive information does not end up in the wrong place and a lot of security thinking in the technical set-up.

There are many different administrations with different requirements and with many participants. Simply a super fun project that makes high demands on me.
As a technical project manager, my main task is technology and functionality. My team is responsible for the technology and setup of M365 , we do all migrations from the current solution up to M365.

“I love when every day looks different, and you’re facing different challenges”. 


What do you need to succeed in your work? Name some success factors for you.

Success factors for me as a project manager? I would say to be a good leader, I’m not a boss but I lead a team. It makes extra big demands as I don’t have any means of power to use. I need to be good at communicating, motivating, and getting people to follow me. To work on my self-awareness and learn to manage my own emotions. If the group is to be safe with my leadership, I must be safe as a person.

If I were to point out three success factors for me in my job to be a good project manager:

  1. Communication – One of the most crucial factors to succeed as a project manager.😊 The whole team must constantly understand what, why, and how.
  2. Flexibility– To plan everything from the beginning and then not change your mind? Well, it doesn’t work to plan everything in detail from the start, you don’t know what the conditions will look like in the future. Make an overall plan that you divide into different sprints. Plan the sprints in detail as you face them.
  3. A project method – Being able to work structured is the basis for becoming a good project manager. Which method you work with is less important, but preferably one that is simple.
Therese Granelli

                      Therese Granelli, IT Consultant, Agdiwo

You have long experience in the IT industry. What is the best thing about working specifically in IT?

The IT industry is fun as it develops all the time at a high pace. What I studied ten years ago is hardly relevant today. You must constantly develop and learn new things.  

I love when every day looks different, and you’re facing different challenges.  

The IT industry is very male-dominated and of course, I would have liked to see more women in all the workplaces I have been in over the years. But I work very well together with men and they also make me feel comfortable and function well in the industry.

Fredrik Dahlberg, IT-Consultant, Agdiwo

Get to know Fredrik

With Fredrik, it’s always full speed ahead! He comes from the technician/operations side but now works with client management and Microsoft 365 implementations. Did you know that Fredrik is great guitar and bass-player and plays in a band with Agdiwo colleague Tony? They’re really good!

What do you do in your current assignment?

Right now I’m on a assignment where I have the role of Global Service Owner in Digital Workplace. My focus and area of ​​responsibility are all the IT that includes endpoints, being responsible for everything working for the end users simply put. You could say that I work 50% operationally and 50% with strategy and planning for how the customer’s digital workplace should look now and in the future. It involves setting processes and strategies, consulting around the customer’s purchasing partners when it comes to end-user tools as well as keeping track of license management within the company. A lot of focus is on setting up robust management for the customer’s devices with the INTUNE platform.

How do you develop in your work?

I would say that I am developing a lot daily. Because I have a role where there are so many different tasks, I am constantly developing. There’s always something new going on!

“We are simply a really good and humble bunch!”

What is the best thing about working as an IT consultant at Agdiwo?
The best thing about working at Agdiwo is that we colleagues always help each other. We solve problems together and you never feel that you are “bothering” when you’re asking for advice. We are simply a really good and humble bunch!
Expertkonsulter Agdiwo

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