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Mats Westerholm

👨‍💼 Mats Westerholm, IT Consultant
Mats has impressive expertise in collaboration platforms and virtualization. He excels in client management, server systems, network solutions, disaster recovery, and storage solutions. Mats has successfully taken on roles as a technical expert, project manager, delivery lead, and executor in global projects. He takes full responsibility, from investigation to complete implementation and deployment, with a methodical and detailed approach

❤️In addition to his technical expertise, Mats is also an excellent communicator and team player. He thrives in collaboration, and with Mats as part of your team, you can expect a proactive, cheerful, and competent colleague. Despite often being busy, Mats is always ready to step up, assist, and go the extra mile!

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Max Thordenius

👨‍💼 Max Thordenius, IT Consultant
Max is a trained Cloud and Virtualization Specialist with broad expertise in various areas. He excels in developing and managing existing environments, implementing new systems, and improving processes. He has, among other things, resolved license management issues, conducted SCCM updates, been responsible for packaging and deploying drivers and applications in an SCCM environment, implemented an Apple Enterprise SSO solution, and improved the process for implementing time zone settings in Autopilot.

❤️ Max has a strong curiosity for new technology and always strives to expand his knowledge in emerging areas. His dedication and efficient work style enable him to quickly tackle new challenges in a remarkable way. Max is simply a wonderful colleague to have on Team Agdiwo!

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Therese Granelli

👩‍💼 Therese Granelli, IT Consultant
Therese has extensive experience as a technical project manager and a background in systems and network engineering. She excels in leading migration projects and cloud projects, effortlessly managing multiple parallel projects simultaneously. Whether it’s a smaller or larger project, Therese consistently succeeds in making her clients feel prioritized and well taken care of.

❤️ One of Therese’s key strengths is her ability to build strong relationships and spread joy around her. With strong social skills and fantastic collaborative abilities, she creates a positive work environment where everyone feels welcome and motivated. Therese loves all types of exercise and was part of organizing the “Agdiwo Health Day 2023,” which turned out to be a success! 🏃‍♂️

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David Christiansson

👨‍💼 David Christiansson,IT Consultant

David is a motivated consultant with a focus on technology and a well-developed understanding of balanced IT delivery. He has been involved in several projects within IT infrastructure across various corporate environments. David has, among other things, been responsible for data centers and backup operations, as well as led development projects for migrating client management to Intune and Hybrid Azure AD Join.

❤️David is not only a skilled technical consultant, but also an individual who radiates positive and harmonious energy in the work environment. His encouraging words and positive attitude always leave us with a big smile after our Monday meetings!

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Abdul Hussein

👨‍💼 Abdul Hussein, IT Consultant

Abdul is an experienced IT operations specialist with an impressive background in global environments and a focus on achieving customer satisfaction. With a genuine passion for technology, Abdul thrives when solving complex problems. After completing his education in IT forensics, Abdul has worked with Microsoft 365 in corporate settings for several years. He has successfully implemented and introduced new systems to enhance operational efficiency.
❤️Abdul is not only a technology expert but also a social and highly valued individual within our team. He is always enthusiastic about learning about the latest technology and approaches everything with a positive attitude. He is solution-oriented and consistently sees opportunities in challenges. Besides his work, Abdul is passionate about soccer and avidly follows the sport both as a spectator and a player. ⚽

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Daniel Comstedt

👨‍💼 Daniel Comstedt, IT Consultant

Daniel possesses extensive knowledge within the Microsoft environment and is certified as a Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert. His expertise spans areas such as system maintenance, advanced troubleshooting, and documentation. He has also been responsible for the installation and maintenance of clients, servers, and point-of-sale systems. With a focus on Configuration Manager and Intune, as well as a deep understanding of GPO, PowerShell, and Antivirus, Daniel has successfully executed and overseen significant projects.

❤️Daniel is a communicative and solution-oriented individual who embraces challenges and consistently strives for personal development. He is an exceptional colleague who is active and engaged. Daniel’s commitment, problem-solving skills, and flexibility are appreciated by everyone he collaborates with. He’s a true team player!

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Stefan Engström

👨‍💼 Stefan Engström, IT Consultant
Stefan has over 16 years of experience in client management for large enterprises. He possesses extensive expertise in solution design, technical leadership, operations, support, and governance. Stefan specializes in assisting larger-sized companies utilizing Microsoft products such as Endpoint Manager, Office 365, and PowerShell.

❤️Stefan is a calm and competent colleague who is reliable and trusted in his field. He’s always there to assist his peers and contributes to a positive work environment. With his composed and focused attitude, he creates a secure and collaborative atmosphere. He’s quick to participate in team activities and is happy to organize Formula 1 evenings at the office. 🏎️

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Fredrik Majava

👨‍💼 Fredrik Majava, IT Consultant

With a solid background in client management and education as a network and systems technician, Fredrik is one of our experts in the field. He specializes in client management through Microsoft Intune and has not only worked on prominent technology projects but also shared his extensive knowledge with others. He also has extensive experience in video technology for events and has worked with major clients both in Sweden and internationally.

❤️ Fredrik is an incredibly ambitious and curious individual, always on the lookout to develop himself both personally and professionally. But it doesn’t stop there – as a confident and sociable colleague, he’s always ready to embrace new challenges with a positive attitude. He’s someone who contributes to a wonderfully pleasant work environment, and he definitely doesn’t say no to a round of video games during the afternoon break 🎮.

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