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Agdiwo was founded in 2019 and is a cutting-edge IT consulting company. Agdiwo offers computer technology consulting services and advice within the digital workplace. We apply an agile approach that helps businesses become more open and ready for rapid change. At Agdiwo, we work to create an extraordinary team spirit where everyone collaborates, both internally and with our customers. Important keywords for Agdiwo are security, challenging, developing, and transparency.

Our brands consist of Agdiwo and AGWOX.

Our brand portfolio

Agile digital workplace

Agdiwo stands for Agile Digital Workplace and was registered in 2019. With an agile approach, we offer IT consulting services and advice. Our areas of expertise are within endpoint management, collaboration & productivity, cloud transformation and identity & security. We help with everything from strategy and analysis to decision support and training.

We are your strategic partner for the digital ecosystem!

Agile Workplace Experience

AGWOX was registered in 2021. AGWOX serves as our customers gateway to a modern and seamless digital workplace. With a focus on IT services within infrastructure and digital workplace, AGWOX strives to create tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of each client. Our range of services encompasses everything from preliminary studies, technical consultation, and solution processing to advanced specialist development and strategic advisory. By adhering to an agile working methodology and operating in sprints, AGWOX ensures high-quality and precise outcomes.

Our experts are equipped with the competence and experience necessary to address a multitude of challenges.

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