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We are an innovative consulting company with cutting-edge expertise in the digital workplace. Our agile way of working, combined with our expertise, makes us unique and results in secure and stable solutions to our customers’ challenges.

Our Story

In 2019, 4 people met at a Café in Gothenburg to talk about a problem they saw in the IT industry. They saw that often there was more focus on money and hours than value and efficiency around the digital workplace. They saw that the agile way of working was lacking in the IT infrastructure, a working method developers have already embraced and used for a long time.  The vision was to enable customers’ digital journey and optimize and streamline their digital workplaces with the help of expert competence and an agile way of working.

With this, Agdiwo was formed, and the name became an abbreviation of “AGile DIgital WOrkplace.”

We improve people

At Agdiwo, belonging and the opportunity to develop are essential keywords. We believe in an exchange of skills and development together with our customers. We learn from each other, we help each other and we push each other forward. 

Agdiwo strongly believe that people are driven and feel good about developing both on a personal level, together with others, and as a part of a company. Therefore our vision and purpose as a company is to continuously improve people.

"We take advantage of everyone's skills in a good way and I get to work with what I like and at the same time contribute what I can to my colleagues."

Tony Pålsson, IT Consultant, Agdiwo

The Agdiwo Mindset

Developement together

We are driven by constantly developing our own and our customers’ competencies around the digital workplace. We see each assignment as an exchange of skills and experiences where we grow together with our customers. At Agdiwo we are present and transparent. 


We are committed to what we do. We focus on our customers by being responsive, humble, and accessible.


We love solving problems! We are a group of IT consultants who all like to work out solutions together.
We strive for measurable results and to exceed our customers’ expectations.


We believe in a work environment where you enable development and creativity for real. Therefore, we have internal development sessions every
week where we take turns highlighting interesting topics and where we share our skills.

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In our blog, we share our knowledge and skills about the digital workplace & news about us.

Our offering

We look at your specific needs and give you a solution and a digital workplace to grow with!

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We develop together with our customers! Read our selected case studies.

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