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We are an IT consulting firm with specialist expertise in the digital workplace. Our adaptable strategy ensures that we effectively meet your needs in a digitally changing world

Agdiwo -
Agile Digital Workplace

In 2019, four individuals gathered at a café in Gothenburg, driven by a shared insight about a widespread deficiency within the IT sector. They observed that the industry tended to prioritize monetary goals and hourly billing over creating real value and efficiency in managing digital workplaces. They noted that the methods and approaches that developers had embraced and successfully used for years were missing in the field of IT infrastructure.

This insight sparked a vision to transform how organizations navigate their digital journey. The goal became to revolutionize digital workplaces by introducing expert assistance and flexible, dynamic methods. This would not only streamline processes but also maximize value for customers.

From this meeting, the IT consulting company AGDIWO was born, an acronym for ‘AGile DIgital WOrkplace’.

Our Definition of
Agile Practices

Agile for AGDIWO means not just adopting specific methods or frameworks, but rather embracing a holistic philosophy that shapes how we approach our projects, interact with our clients, and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

What agile means for us:

we Improve

At Agdiwo, we are convinced that development and belonging are crucial for success. We build our culture on a mutual exchange of knowledge and growing together with our clients. Each delivery is a team effort, where each consultant benefits from our collective world-class expertise.

Teamwork is in our DNA. We prioritize mentorship, where each consultant receives support and guidance from an experienced mentor within their area of expertise. This approach to skill development is not just a part of our offering – it is a fundamental part of our identity.

At Agdiwo, we are not just committed to delivering superior IT solutions. Our goal is to develop people – both within and outside the company.

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