Cloud Transformation

The future is cloud-based - let us help you get there with Azure!

Cloud Transformation

Future-proof your business!

"With Cloud Transformation, we take your services to greater heights! Focus on shaping the future instead of maintaining the present."

Niclas Andersson, Principal Consultant, Agdiwo

Reduce IT costs and increase adaptability with cloud services.

By moving your IT to the cloud, you take a significant step towards a more flexible and adaptable operation. With the cloud as the foundation, you gain access to the latest technology and security. Additionally, you will notice a clear reduction in your IT costs since, with the help of the cloud, you eliminate the operation and maintenance of server rooms.

We ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Our experience and expertise in cloud services guarantee a secure and smooth transition to the cloud while allowing you to scale up and down as needed to adapt to changes in your business. The transition to the cloud is a crucial step to ensure your company’s success and competitiveness in an increasingly digitalized world.

Discover the oppurtunities With the cloud 

We help you smoothly and securely move your IT to the cloud. Our focus is on Windows Server, Azure Infrastructure, Log Analytics, Automation Accounts, Workspace, failover to Azure, and VM Backup.



We help you review current solutions and conditions and present a solution that fits your company.


Migrating to the cloud

Do you want to move applications and services or your entire IT environment? We can assist you with whatever you need.


Azure Governance & Management

We help you manage and monitor Azure resources in a secure and consistent way. We assist you in optimizing your cloud infrastructure.



Our expert consultants support and assist you with further development to continue leveraging all the possibilities of the cloud.

Cloud transformation

Our Cloud Services

Lift and shift is a strategy used to move applications or a system from one IT environment to another without the need for modifications. Lift and shift simply involve removing the existing IT infrastructure from the on-premises environment and migrating it to the cloud with minimal changes to the underlying technology. Lift and shift result in cost savings and enable new value streams. It provides you with flexibility and allows you to leverage cloud services and security.

We offer expertise in Azure Monitor, which means that we monitor and ensure that your cloud environment is functioning optimally. With detailed insights and proactive management, we can identify any bottlenecks, security risks, or performance issues and take real-time action to resolve them.

Google to Exchange Online Migration” is the process of transferring data and user information from Google Workspace to Microsoft Exchange Online. It enables organizations to switch from Google’s cloud service to Microsoft’s cloud-based email and collaboration platform while preserving their essential data and communication tools.

Transformation involves using the cloud to modernize and enhance the existing IT infrastructure. This may involve altering or optimizing technology, workflows, and business processes with the cloud. One or more systems/applications are moved at a time, which often results in a longer project compared to Lift and Shift.

A tool that helps you plan and understand the cost of your Azure services. With the Azure Pricing Calculator, you can create cost estimates based on your specific needs and configurations. You receive transparent pricing information, which helps you optimize your resource choices and make well-informed decisions to achieve the best possible return on your Azure investment.

OneDrive Migration refers to the process of moving data and files from one location or storage system to Microsoft’s OneDrive platform. This migration allows users and organizations to transfer their files and documents to the OneDrive cloud storage service for better accessibility and collaboration

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