Cloud Transformation

The future is cloud-based - let us help you get there with Azure!

Cloud Transformation

Secure the future of your business!

With Cloud Transformation, we take your services to new heights! Focus on developing the future instead of maintaining the present.

Niclas Andersson, Principal Consultant, Agdiwo

Reduce IT costs and increase adaptability with cloud services

By moving your IT to the cloud, you take a big step towards a more flexible and adaptable business. With the cloud as your foundation, you gain access to the latest technology and security. Additionally, you will notice a significant reduction in your IT costs because with the help of the cloud, you eliminate the operation and maintenance of server rooms.

We ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Our experience and expertise in cloud services ensure a secure and smooth transition to the cloud, while also providing you with the ability to scale up or down as needed to meet changes in your business. The move to the cloud is an important step in ensuring your company’s success and competitiveness in an increasingly digitized world.

Discover the oppurtunities With the cloud 

We help you smoothly and securely move your IT to the cloud. Our focus is on Windows Server, Azure Infrastructure, Log Analytics, Automation Accounts, Workspace, failover to Azure, and VM Backup.



We help you review current solutions and conditions and present a solution that fits your company.


Migrating to the cloud

Do you want to move applications and services or your entire IT environment? We can assist you with whatever you need.


Azure Governance & Management

We help you manage and monitor Azure resources in a secure and consistent way. We assist you in optimizing your cloud infrastructure.



Our expert consultants support and assist you with further development to continue leveraging all the possibilities of the cloud.

How will you go Cloud?

Lift and Shift

Lift and shift is a strategy used to move applications or a system from one IT environment to another without having to make changes. Lift and shift simply means that the existing IT infrastructure is removed from the on-premises environment and moved to the cloud without major changes to the underlying technology. Lift and shift leads to reduced costs and enables new value streams. It gives you flexibility and you make use of the cloud’s services and security.


Transformation means using the cloud to modernize and improve the existing IT infrastructure. This may mean changing or optimizing technology, work methods and business processes to take advantage of opportunities that the cloud offers. One or more systems/applications are moved at a time, which often means that it will be a longer project compared to Lift and shift

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