Endpoint Management

Streamline your IT infrastructure with our IT-specialists

Endpoint Management

Modernize and streamline your IT infrastructure with the help of our experts

Intune enables the new way of working, with secure device management regardless of type and location.

Daniel Engberg, Principal Consultant, Agdiwo

Lifecycle management of your clients and servers

We assist you with lifecycle management of your clients and servers, including everything from deployment, enrollment, patching, and building sustainable client platforms. An efficient and secure client management is crucial to run a modern business. At Agdiwo, we offer IT consulting services that help you manage your business smoothly. Our services include security solutions to protect your devices and data, as well as system optimization to maximize performance.

Efficient client management for increased productivity

We have extensive expertise in Endpoint Management and can offer services and solutions that are suitable for both small and large businesses. We work with a variety of platforms and technologies, including ConfigMgr (formerly SCCM), Intune, PsAppDeploy, Windows 11, iOS, Android, Windows as a Service, Virtual Clients, and Windows 365. A well-implemented client management solution makes it possible to manage a large number of devices in a more efficient way, meaning that all devices can be centrally monitored and maintained, saving time and resources.

Endpoint Management

Expert Support for All Your Devices and Applications

We offer support for management and operation of clients such as computers, tablets and mobiles through the use of tools such as ConfigMgr (Microsoft Configuration Manager) and Intune. We assist with everything from installation, configuration and monitoring of clients to updates, security policies and troubleshooting.

Patch management is about regularly installing and updating security patches and software updates on your clients and servers. We can help you create a patch management strategy that works for your needs, and implement and monitor it.

Do you want to move from on-prem to the cloud? We can help you migrate from an on-premises solution (where everything is installed on-site in your data center) to a cloud-based solution. This includes everything from moving existing applications and data to the cloud to planning and implementing a cloud-based infrastructure that suits your needs and requirement

We can help you with everything from planning, designing, and implementing virtual clients and Windows 365 to monitoring and maintaining solutions throughout their lifecycle. With virtual clients and Windows 365, you can reduce your IT costs by eliminating the need to purchase, maintain, and upgrade hardware. In addition, productivity increases as users can access their programs and data from any device and from anywhere. The solutions also contribute to increased security by running data programs on a secure and centralized platform that can be monitored and protected efficiently.

We help you design and plan for the deployment of Windows 11 in your business. We identify appropriate hardware requirements and applications, and create a plan for installation and updates.

We can help you migrate from ConfigMgr (Microsoft Configuration Manager) to Intune. Intune is Microsoft’s cloud-based solution for managing mobile devices. By migrating to Intune, you enable smooth device management regardless of location.​

Application packaging is about managing and distributing applications to clients and servers in your organization. We install new applications, updates, and uninstall applications as needed. By using ConfigMgr and Intune, you can effectively manage applications by creating and distributing application packages and updates, as well as monitoring the health and usage of applications

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