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New Intune Suite from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced the launch of its latest cloud-based product, the Microsoft Intune Suite, which aims to simplify endpoint management for enterprise customers. The new suite combines advanced endpoint management solutions, including Remote Help, Endpoint Privilege Management, advanced endpoint analytics capabilities, and Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management, all into one package.

While Microsoft will still offer individual Intune services, the new plan is available to subscribers of Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 for less than the cost of all the add-ons combined.

What is new?

The Microsoft Intune Suite is part of Microsoft’s broader efforts to streamline its endpoint management solutions and provide a more holistic approach to managing enterprise devices.

With the new suite, you can easily manage and secure all their endpoints from a single platform, which can help reduce IT complexity and improve productivity.

We have checked out some of the new features 👇

  • Endpoint Privilege Management

This feature allows for granular control over user permissions and access to sensitive information, which can help prevent data breaches and improve overall security posture.

For example, When creating a deployment profile for Autopilot, you can choose whether the account that registers the device should have admin rights or standard rights. With the new Microsoft Intune Suite and Endpoint Privilege Management you can, as an administrator, manage access or permissions for users and applications on devices. The purpose of this is to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, IT attacks, and data breaches, but primarily to protect organizational data. Endpoint Privilige Management will be in public preview in March and generally available in April.

  • Remote Help for Android and Mac devices

This will help a lot of helpdesks troubleshoot managed devices via Intune. Therefore, no 3rd party applications are required to be able to remote into a computer if an organization is solely running on Intune. Everything will be able to be done via the Intune Suite, and you will also be able to connect to mobile devices such as iOS/Android devices. This will be helpful for managing devices used by frontline workers.

  • Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management

This micro-VPN allows employees to securely access on-premises applications and resources on their personal Android and iOS/iPadOS devices, enabling companies to embrace “Bring your own device”- policies while ensuring user privacy and corporate data protection.

  • Advanced Endpoint Analytics

Real-time insights provided by this feature can help IT admins proactively address critical issues and improve the user experience for employee.

Overall, the Microsoft Intune Suite is an important addition to Microsoft’s endpoint management offerings, providing enterprise customers with a comprehensive set of tools to manage and secure their devices. With its focus on simplicity, security, and productivity, the Intune Suite is poised to be a popular choice for organizations looking to streamline their endpoint management workflows.

Read more about the new Intune Suite here or have a look at this video

We’re excited to see what’s next and how it’ll work in practice. We will be posting more blog updates about the Intune Suite along the way. Keep an eye out here

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