Why it’s time to upgrade to Windows 11 and embrace Modern Endpoint

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October 2025 marks the end of an era for Windows 10. Without further technical support or security updates from Microsoft after this date, computers still running Windows 10 will face increasing security risks unless you pay. Now is the right time to act. Upgrade to Windows 11 and protect your IT environment against future threats. In this post, we explore why such an upgrade is critical and how it fits into the concept of a modern endpoint solution.

Why Windows 11 is the right step forward

Windows 11 is not just the latest version; it’s tailored to enhance productivity and creativity. With its fresh appearance and improved features like Snap Layouts and virtual desktops, combined with a robust and secure architecture, Windows 11 elevates the user experience to the next level for both individual users and businesses.

The upgrade to Windows 11 paves the way for Modern Endpoint and a modern, secure workplace.

Modern Endpoint

When we talk about “Modern Endpoint,” we are referring to the capability of advanced technology to manage and secure corporate resources, which is very important in today’s dispersed work environments. A modern endpoint solution includes:

  • Efficient device management through services like Microsoft Intune.
  • Advanced security monitoring and threat identification via solutions such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
  • Seamless identity and access management to enhance security and simplify the user experience.

Various aspects and components that are part of a Modern Endpoint solution:

By transitioning to Windows 11 and a modern endpoint solution, businesses can benefit from a range of enhanced features and services such as:

Content Delivery

  • BranchCache: Reduces bandwidth usage by caching files locally within the network.
  • Delivery Optimization: Utilizes peer-to-peer sharing to streamline the distribution of updates.

Remote Access

  • Microsoft Entra Private Access: Provides secure access to the company’s applications without the need for a traditional VPN.


  • OneDrive and Microsoft 365: Enhances collaboration with cloud-based storage and productivity tools.
  • Copilot-functions: Windows Copilot and Security Copilot facilitate work processes and security management.


  • Intune and Windows Autopilot: Simplifies device management and automated configuration.
  • Windows Update for Business och Deployment Service: Provides smooth and secure updates.


  • Windows 11: Offers an enhanced user experience and an extended support cycle.
  • Windows 365: Integrates cloud-based services for a more flexible and scalable work environment.


  • Zero Trust-model: Implements strict security protocols where nothing is assumed to be secure by default.
  • Microsoft Defender and Passwordless: Enhances protection against threats and simplifies the login process


  • Entra ID: Modern identity management for secure access and authentication.
  • Universal Print: Simplifies print management without the need for traditional print servers..

App Management

  • Enterprise App Management: Streamlines the management and distribution of applications.

The benefits of Modern Endpoint

Adopting modern endpoint technology is not just about keeping up with the latest developments. It’s about tangible benefits such as:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Give your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, securely and without interruption, thanks to technologies like Zero Trust and conditional access.
  • Increased Security: Strengthen your defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats with features such as multi-factor authentication and cloud-based security strategies.
  • Scalability: Quickly and cost-effectively adapt your IT infrastructure to the changing needs of your business while maximizing the value of your existing investments.

Why is this important now?

With the end of support for Windows 10 in sight and the increasing needs for a flexible and secure IT environment, now is the right time to consider a transition to modern solutions. By preparing your organization for Windows 11 and adopting modern endpoint, you can ensure a smooth and secure transition, which not only preserves the continuity of the company but also paves the way for future innovation and growth.

Are you ready to take the step?

Contact us for a consultation on how we can help you navigate the transition to a modern workplace.

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