Partnership with Softwarecentral

About SoftwareCentral

Software Central was founded as an independent company in 2007 in the Greater Copenhagen area. By merging with two of Denmark’s largest IT consulting firms (Mansoft A/S and Euro-Consult) in 2016, they have established themselves as a significant player in the IT industry and now operate as an independent division within MS Group A/S. Today, over two million clients worldwide use their products.

Their goal is to create products that are easy to install, configure, and use. By simplifying IT processes and creating new opportunities for system administrators, they aim to reduce operational IT costs, decrease the workload for IT specialists, and increase employee productivity.

Why Agdiwo and SoftwareCentral are a Perfect Match

We are proud to be the official reseller of SoftwareCentral in Sweden!

Our partnership is a natural step towards offering our customers the best solutions in IT management. With SoftwareCentral’s advanced tools for ConfigMgr/SCCM, we at Agdiwo can further enhance our capacity to deliver high-quality, efficient, and secure IT services.

Together, we can help our customers optimize their IT environments, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Key functions of SoftwareCentral

  • Simplify and Optimize ConfigMgr/SCCM: SoftwareCentral makes it easy to manage Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, improving both efficiency and user-friendliness.
  • Improve IT Department Productivity: With the help of SoftwareCentral, IT departments can smoothly and efficiently plan and manage large deployment projects, while allowing users to schedule deployments to avoid work interruptions.
  • Standardize and Automate Configuration Tasks: Using template-based operations, IT departments can standardize and automate their configuration tasks, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Enhance Help Desk Workflow: Delegating ConfigMgr tasks to the help desk relieves the burden on IT experts and improves workflow.
  • Empower Employees with User-Based Deployments: The user-friendly shop module shortens the response time for software requests, increasing efficiency.

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