Seamless OneDrive migration for your users

Automated, conflict-free, and flexible – achieve successful results with faster migration times and increased user satisfaction with our migration solution.

Limited IT-resources

A large organization with over 6500 users and 150 locations in Europe faced the challenge of migrating to OneDrive for Business. With limited IT resources and the need to avoid disruptions during working hours, they required an automated solution without manual intervention.

Customized OneDrive migration for Over 6500 users

Our OneDrive migration solution is specifically designed to efficiently migrate a large number of users to OneDrive for Business. Leveraging our automated script, we were able to seamlessly migrate all 6500 users to OneDrive. The solution handled the entire migration process, including batch creation and management of migrated files. By locking the migrated files, we prevented conflicts during changes and ensured accurate data transfer to OneDrive.

With the flexibility to choose the migration timing, the organization was able to minimize disruptions to their workflows and empower users to have control over the process. Additionally, our solution provided centralized management through a dashboard, where they could configure settings and monitor the migration process.

The result was a seamless transition to OneDrive without any disruptions.

The results were outstanding. With a success rate of 99%, they successfully migrated over 6500 users. The IT department experienced reduced workload and faster migration times. Additionally, data management improved and user satisfaction increased. By tailoring our solution to their specific needs, they received a customized migration experience. They were able to customize the migration process, create special batches, and configure OneDrive settings.

Our OneDrive migration solution delivered an efficient and automated migration, overcoming the challenges of limited resources and avoiding disruptions. This resulted in a smooth transition to OneDrive and successful outcomes!

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