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At Agdiwo, we utilize AI, including OpenAI and ChatGPT, as an integral part of our daily work as IT consultants

By leveraging leading AI platforms like OpenAI and utilizing tools like ChatGPT, we elevate our work to new heights. We harness AI to streamline and enhance various aspects of our workflow, making us more efficient, productive, and innovative.

How do we use AI? Let's hear from some of our expert consultants:

Endpoint management

Daniel Engberg

Principal Consultant, Agdiwo

馃挰I use AI instead of Google in many instances to gather information, and where I also have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions. Different types of AI are also frequently used together to assist me in writing texts in various contexts. Can’t wait for Microsoft 365 Copilot!

Abdul Hussein

IT-Consultant, Agdiwo

馃挰I rely on AI to troubleshoot scripts, create guides, and obtain general information. It is an indispensable part of my daily work, enhancing my productivity

Identity & Security

Tony P氓lsson

IT-Consultant, Agdiwo

馃挰Every day, I use ChatGPT to create new Powershell scripts. I also add new comments to my existing scripts to make them more readable and improve their quality. Asking AI for code-related issues is faster than searching on Google, as I get direct answers and can request different types of solutions.

Niclas Andersson

Principal Consultant, Agdiwo

馃挰AI plays a crucial role in providing feedback and performing quality control for Powershell solutions. It also serves as a valuable sounding board for automation development and formulating agile goals and features ahead of PI Planning sessions.

Digital arbetsplats

Stefan Engstr枚m

IT-consultant, Agdiwo

馃挰I use AI to generate code, understand others’ code, research new commands, command syntax and examples, comment and document code, optimize my coding, assist in generating Acceptance Criteria and descriptions within the agile process, as well as translating text and troubleshooting issues.

Max Thordenius

IT-Consultant, Agdiwo

馃挰ChatGPT is always within reach when I work. It assists me with various tasks such as searching for information, providing instructions on performing different tasks, and offering improvement suggestions for texts and scripts. Previously, I always relied on self-searching, but now I first ask AI because it saves time and provides better results. If AI can’t solve the problem, it can guide me by suggesting what I should search for or where I can find the information I need.

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