Critical Exchange Server recovery

Read how we resolved a critical IT crisis and restored a vital part of our client’s business. In this case study, we share how we worked around the clock to recover an Exchange Server from an unexpected system crash.

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Sudden collapse of the Hyper-V environment

One of our clients experienced a serious system outage when the disks in their Hyper-V environment crashed. This disruption led to the Exchange farm disks, critical for the operation of the email system, becoming inaccessible. As a result, no user within the Exchange Server could send or receive emails. This crash created an immediate and urgent emergency situation, as email communication is a critical component of daily business operations

Immediate actions: To quickly address this critical situation and reduce downtime, we took the following steps immediately:

Priority migration: We immediately migrated critical mailboxes to Exchange Online to restore the email flow.

Delegated access: We ensured that specific, critical systems and users were granted necessary access to continue their essential functions.

Around-the-clock measures for Exchange Server recovery

In close collaboration with the client, we initiated a strategic and intensive rebuilding process.

  • Collaboration: We began by carefully analyzing the situation together with the client to understand exactly what needed to be addressed.
  • Rebuilding the IT infrastructure: With a detailed and methodical approach, we rebuilt the Exchange farm from the ground up, including the implementation of new servers.
  • Backup implementation: A critical step was to carefully select and utilize relevant backups for comprehensive recovery.
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Technical precision in the recovery process

In this process, we took the following steps to ensure data integrity and complete system functionality:

Database restoration and repair:

  • Data retrieval: We conducted a thorough retrieval of databases from the crashed disks, with a focus on data integrity and completeness.
  • Repair process: Each database underwent a detailed repair process to address any corruptions or inconsistencies that occurred due to the crash.
  • Remounting: The repaired databases were then remounted in the newly established environment, with continuous monitoring to ensure stable operation.

Recreation of hybrid environment:

  • Configuration optimization: We restored and optimized the hybrid configuration to guarantee efficient and seamless mail flow between Exchange Server and Microsoft 365.

Data export and import processes:

  • Automation of export: We utilized advanced PowerShell scripts to streamline the export of mailboxes from the damaged databases to PST files.
  • Third-party tools: To enhance speed and efficiency, we employed reliable third-party tools to facilitate the export process.

E-Discovery and integration:

  • Email extraction: Using eDiscovery technology, we extracted emails from Exchange Online and converted them into PST format.
  • Integration of restored mailboxes: These emails were then imported into the recently restored mailboxes, ensuring that no critical communication was lost during the recovery process.

Securing the future & providing continuous support

After successfully completing the recovery, the continued focus was on the following areas to ensure stability and future efficiency:

  1. Strategic node restoration: We planned the rebuilding of one of the Exchange nodes, which was currently on the wrong storage, and it was to be replaced with a newly installed node with the same name.

  2. Migration planning: We prepared for the migration of active databases to another node before shutting down the current node.

  3. Exchange upgrade plan: We initiated the planning for a comprehensive upgrade from the current Exchange 2016 environment to Exchange 2019, including new servers and databases for a robust and modern infrastructure.

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