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About Stenebyskolan

For nearly a century, Steneby has united hands and materials, and today it stands as a creative hub for education in art, design, and craftsmanship. People from all over the world come here to embark on their educational journey, to train for a profession, and to deepen their knowledge of materials and processes. They also come to experience a curious, knowledge-oriented, and in many ways, wholly unique learning environment.

As the host to Steneby School and the University of Gothenburg, it offers education at various levels with a focus on practical learning.

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The challenge

Steneby School faced two major challenges. Firstly, there was a need for a streamlined process to quickly and smoothly deploy new computers to users, with the goal of having each device ready for use immediately upon delivery. This required minimizing the time and resources needed to customize each computer to the school’s specific IT needs.

At the same time, the school was confronted with increasing financial strains from their use of on-prem servers. With escalating costs for energy and space, the need for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution became increasingly clear.

Before the partnership with Agdiwo, Steneby School navigated these challenges with limited resources. As a smaller operation, the school’s need for customized IT solutions was high, but the ability to adapt standard services to meet these needs was limited.

The solution

AGWOX became the perfect solution for Steneby. A team delivery where Agdiwo offers expertise with the ability to scale up or down as needed.

Through close collaboration between AGWOX and Steneby, a clear vision for the client environment was formed. Key factors such as cloud-native technology and zero-touch provisioning were focused on to ensure a smooth user experience. Upon the first start of a device, it is automatically identified as part of the corporate configuration and downloads all necessary applications and policies.

Intune was chosen as the solution for client management, which was an obvious choice for both AGWOX and Steneby.

Results of the collaboration

The result of this partnership has been an improved IT infrastructure that not only optimizes daily operations but also strengthens Steneby’s position as a forward-looking educational institution. Here’s what Anders says about the collaboration:

We have gained confidence in the expert competence in M365, Intune, and CM/SCCM that AGWOX provides. They are a team of great guys who speak plainly and have high trust in us. The cooperation between us is secure; the team has incredible customer knowledge which gives us confidence that they know everything about our IT environment. I would highly recommend AGWOX to other companies in similar situations!”

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