Copilot: We Clarify What’s What Among Microsoft’s AI Assistants

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Welcome to our deep dive into Microsoft’s Copilot family, where we will unravel the threads and clarify the differences between the various versions. Many are confused due to the similarities in names, which is not surprising given the rapid development of AI technology.

Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft Security Copilot, Windows Copilot, and GitHub Copilot – We clarify what’s what!

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI assistant that enhances productivity and assists users with various tasks. Microsoft 365 Copilot employs natural language to make you more creative, productive, and skilled. It seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365 apps, aiding you in creating compelling presentations in PowerPoint, summarizing emails and meetings in Outlook, Teams, and much more.

Microsoft 365 Copilot utilizes your business data in Microsoft Graph, providing relevant and contextual responses when you need them. Moreover, it is built on Microsoft’s robust security, compliance, and privacy standards and continuously evolves by learning new skills over time.

With Microsoft 365 Copilot, you not only reclaim more time in your day but also gain an increased ability to focus on what truly matters in your work. In Outlook, you can ask Copilot to summarize complex email threads, and it will not only provide essential information but also suggest actions, responses, and follow-up meetings. If you miss a meeting, Teams can automatically record it, and Copilot will notify you in Outlook as soon as the recording is complete.

Are you in the midst of writing in Word? Copilot can help you rephrase a paragraph and adjust the tone just the way you want, whether you prefer it neutral, casual, or professional. In Excel, Copilot can assist you in analyzing data, formatting, and editing your data to provide you with deeper insights. For example, you can quickly add a formula column, highlight crucial data with an instruction like ‘make all cells red where the value is under 1000.’

Microsoft 365 Copilot is available to business customers for approximately 300 SEK per month starting from November 1st.

Microsoft Security Copilot

Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI security tool that enables security analysts to respond to threats quickly, process signals at machine speed, and assess risk exposure within minutes. It is used to defend organizations against cyberattacks using generative AI.

Some of the values that Security Copilot provides to organizations include:

  • Faster and more efficient incident management: Security Copilot can summarize and analyze large amounts of security data from various sources, providing clear and actionable advice to respond to incidents within minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Prevention and detection of attacks: Security Copilot can triage signals at machine speed, detect threats early, and provide predictable recommendations to help prevent an attacker’s next move.
  • Improved security expertise: Security Copilot can help your team have a greater impact and build their skills with step-by-step instructions to reduce risks.
  • Security, compliance, and integrity: Security Copilot protects your data with the most comprehensive security and compliance standards in the industry. Your data is never used to train other AI models.

Microsoft Security Copilot is now released in the Early Access program.

Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot is your personal digital assistant, built into Windows 11 to make your computer experience smoother and more productive. With a simple press of the Win+C shortcut or through the icon in the taskbar, you gain immediate access to Windows Copilot, ready to assist.

Windows Copilot is more than just a typical web browser-based search engine; it provides instant access to the internet and your computer’s content, from summaries to relevant links. Need to solve a technical issue or troubleshoot? Copilot guides you through the process, particularly useful for handling common computer problems.

Imagine having a powerful Bing Chat panel always ready on your computer, prepared to answer your questions and perform tasks. Windows Copilot seamlessly integrates with your operating system, and its capabilities go far beyond a regular web browser version. It not only understands your queries but can also act directly on your instructions.

This digital assistant is designed to be your daily companion, ready to assist with everything from changing system settings to organizing your work windows with the Snap feature. Windows Copilot is your key to making computer interactions simpler and more intuitive.

Windows Copilot is not the same as Microsoft 365 Copilot, which is AI-designed for Office applications. Windows Copilot is available in the latest version of Windows 11 (Windows 11 2023 Update).

 Github Copilot 

Finally, we have GitHub Copilot, an AI tool developed by Microsoft and OpenAI to help you write code faster and with less effort. It suggests code based on what you’re typing or describing in natural language. It works for all languages, libraries, and frameworks.

GitHub Copilot is integrated into your editor, quick to use as you type, and is built on a model trained on billions of lines of open-source code. It enhances your productivity by reducing interruptions, improving workflow, and increasing the time you spend on actual development. GitHub Copilot is available to everyone.

Learn more about Github Copilot and how to get started here!

Github Copilot

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