Expertise, agile working methods, and a collection of scripts

Learn how we helped Umbrella MS continue delivering high-quality data security to its customers in this case study.

Case study Umbrella

Umbrella MS

Umbrella Managed Systems was founded in 2007 in Kansas City, USA, by Heath Stover and Trent Peters. They deliver high-quality IT services and solutions to all kinds of industries. Their offering includes everything from the design and implementation of IT solutions to support. They stay constantly updated with the latest developments and trends in security, encryption, and device support. Umbrella MS and its 30+ employees have been nationally recognized as a “Top Computer and Technology Company” since 2010.

Umbrella MS mission is simple: Solve the slow adoption of information technology and streamline their clients’ day-to-day technology needs while maintaining the data integrity – Trent Peters, Managing Director, Umbrella Inc


Continued delivery of security and high-class data security

Among other things, Umbrella MS takes care of its customers’ data security. They ensure that the information within the organization is correct, secure, and protected from unauthorized access and provides protection against data loss. To ensure that the information is protected they use Bitlocker to encrypt data securely.

To continue to deliver the best security to its customers, Umbrella now needed to improve and renew its current RMM system so that they could securely manage drive encryption.


Expertise, agile working methods, and a collection of scripts

Umbrella MS turned to Agdiwo for help in developing the solution they needed. By letting Agdiwo take care of the complexity, Umbrella MS could continue to deliver value and security to its customers.

The solution that Agdiwo delivered consisted of developing a collection of scripts that securely went from the RMM system and allowed the IT department at Umbrella MS to encrypt, decrypt and get status from all devices in their environments.

Through Agdiwo’s expertise in Windows and Powershell, combined with the agile working methods, it was possible to meet Umbrella’s challenges and deliver a stable and secure solution for Umbrella to grow with.

“Agdiwo has been very adaptive and understanding to our needs and delivered a reliable, secure and stable solution for our IT department. We can highly recommend using Agdiwo for similar solutions”

Trent Peters

Managing director, Umbrella Inc

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