AGWOX as a Service

With Agwox as a Service, you gain access to an entire team of IT specialists, tailored to your needs each month.


Our delivery team is available when you need it the most.


We provide you with IT-experts whether you need them for 2 hours or 40 hours a week.


We assemble the team based on your needs, providing both broad and specialized expertise.

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Benefits of AGWOX as a Service

✅Team-based expertise: AGWOX offers not just individual consultants, but an entire team of IT experts. This approach grants you a wide range of skills and diverse perspectives for your projects.

✅Adaptive and scalable: The AGWOX approach is tailored to fit your specific needs. We offer quick support with the flexibility to scale our services up or down as required.

✅Availability: Need help right away? No worries! Team Agwox has the expertise you require, ready to assist you immediately.

What's included in AGWOX as a Service?

Flexible Expertise: Access to the IT skills you need.

Scalable Resource Usage: The ability to scale your engagement with AGWOX up or down each month, depending on your projects and technical needs.

Dedicated Support: A dedicated product owner, scrum master, and an agile team that are efficiently driven and aligned with your business objectives.

Operational Approach

  • Customer centric
  • Sprint delivery
  • DevOps and SCRUM-methods
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How does it work?

With AGWOX as a Service, our customers are always in the spotlight.

  • You work closely with a dedicated Product Owner who ensures that your needs are understood and prioritized.
  • Alongside the SCRUM Master and our team, we craft solutions that align with your desires.
  • You play an active role in the development process, and based on your feedback, we quickly adapt to deliver exactly what you need.

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