3 Best Features in Windows 11

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With the new Windows 11 being released, some features immediately stand out! These are the 3 best features in Windows 11!

  • New Taskbar
  • Android Apps
  • Windows Snap Mode

We will cover them in this blog post! 


New Taskbar

Microsoft has made some really nice changes to the Start menu; for instance, the default start menu is now located in the middle of the taskbar, although this can be changed to the classic left if you still prefer that.

Along with that, you have Dark mode, and the live tiles have been replaced with pinned apps, but those are no longer customizable to be bigger or smaller. You can pin how many apps you want, but only 18 will be visible.

You can also change the size of the start menu; there are 3 sizes Small, Medium(Default), Large! Along with the new animation, its appearance has been more gentle and friendly.

Android Apps

The second new feature we want to write about is the android apps natively runs in windows 11!

Yeah, from now on, you can use your android apps via Amazon App Store since they are working together with intel and will be using Intel Bridge Technology. It is a really nice feature to have all your favorite mobile apps on your computer as well, or at least we have to wait and see how many apps there will be.

Since numerous apps supposedly are missing like most home automation tools (why you would like to have that on a working pc).

But all and all, this could help you a lot if you did need to take out your mobile just to check if there is an Uber available and order it. The question I’m asking is how the apps will be integrated with Cortana.

One of the 3 best features in Windows 11

Windows Snap Mode

The third feature we want to talk about is the upgraded Windows Snap Mode!

Windows Snap Mode is a tool many of you have been using since the arrival in windows 7, and they have continuously evolved. In windows 11, they have even more things added. Instead of just using Windows Logo Key + Arrow to place windows side by side, you can now choose from several custom modules by hovering the mouse over restore down and decide how you want them to look!

You will even get more choices if you have a big screen with up to 17 different snapping areas to select!

Have you ever been annoyed that you couldn’t snap the windows on top of each other instead of side by side? In Windows 11, this is fixed, and they are also fixed, so even if you had a monitor in portrait mode, it would automatically fix the resize for you.

Oh, and we nearly forgot to tell you about the undocking and then docking again feature! Windows 11 will remember how it was set up and configure the same way you. This has been a real bugger if you, by mistake, fumbled upon the cable and disconnected the docking station (i know it has happened too many times).


We really like the new features that Windows 11 provides in productivity aspects, and we are looking forward to the final release later this fall!

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